The Locanda Le Isole

Enjoy the nature in the heart of Tuscany

The Locanda stands in a recently and finely renovated old ruin, in the heart of the Mugello countryside, in the scenic Tuscany, a region of Central Italy with a rich cultural heritage. The name of the Locanda, LE ISOLE, comes from a unique effect that you can admire during winter, when the fog makes the small towns around appear like little islands.

The birthplace of Renaissance, Florence, is a short journey (only 40 km) and it can be reached by the local public transport.

On your doorstep, you can choose to ride a horse together with the guide Sara, take delight in fishing in the lake or, furthermore, have a walk making use of the numerous hiking trails, like the famous Way Of The Gods that goes through the Locanda.

The Location

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Typical day at the Locanda