locanda le isole del mugello il ristorante

The Restaurant

The jewel in our crown

Let us regale you with a truly original Tuscan experience at our restaurant. Meet the creativity of our chef and taste the traditional dishes made with local sourced ingredients while you’re relaxing and chatting with your friends and family.

Our healthy and genuine cuisine will meet your requests even though you’re weaning your baby, if you’re vegetarian or in case of celiac diseases.

You will find a menu made of seasonal products and, moreover, a special menu will be centred around a special ingredient that changes every week, for the purpose of enhance its flavor and give a finishing touch to your unforgettable experience.

The inside, the outside and some specialties


For information or reservations

For more information send email to info@leisolemugello.it or call us at  +39 055 8406119  +39 342 0792970 or fill out the form below